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Steward Family Photographs No 3

 Family Weddings

Photograph Left: Three generations of the Steward family - Peter Steward (b 1952), Phyllis Steward (nee Dew b1921 d1981), Selina Maud Dew (nee Sandall b 1890? d 1980?) pictured outside St. ------ Church, Lower Hellesdon, at the wedding of Jennifer Nobbs to Raymond Ollason in 1966?

Photograph Right: Pictured at the same wedding are numerous members of the Steward family who are (with relationship to Peter in brackets) - Back (left to right) - Peter, Arthur Steward snr (grandfather), Arthur Steward jr (father), Raymond Ollason (cousin's husband), Jennifer Ollason nee Nobbs (cousin), Jack Nobbs (uncle), Phyllis Steward nee Dew (mother), ____ Nobbs (uncle's brother). Front - Florence May Steward nee Payne (grandmother), (grandmother's sister), (grandmother's sister), Vera Nobbs nee Steward (aunt), Ethel (grandmother's sister), ?

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