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 Anne's Starlight Walk - 2010

On June 18th, 2010, Anne took part in a 13 mile Starlight Walk around Norwich Ringroad and raised 500 for MacMillan Cancer Research. Anne has supported the MacMillan charity for a number of years and works an afternoon each week in their charity shop in Hethersett. She also regularly supports the Starthrowers Cancer Charity in nearby Wymondham and is a member of the Hethersett Dementia Steering Group. Both Anne's mother and sister Joan suffered from dementia. Below are Anne's memories of the Starlight walk.




Starting at the UEA Sportspark at midnight On Friday 18th June was particularly significant for me. Although the university now has a state of the art modern facility it was at the old sports hall and facilities that I spent many of my undergrad hours, back in the 1970s

Also significant that on the morning of the walk I read of the premature death from cancer of rugby star Andy Ripley who began playing the sport which coloured my formative years at UEA in the late 1960s.He was the inspiration for many later UEA teams with which I became involved (as catering officer, I might add!!)

Cancer first affected my life with the death of Peter's mum in 1981 but It was some years later that Macmillan Nurses impacted on my life through the help given when my dear sister Mary was diagnosed and died a short time later in 2004.

Also my friend and colleague Sue was supported for many years before her untimely death.

So to the walk, my longest wanderings since a 25 mile Christian Aid effort in my teens. The conditions were about right, cool and drizzly but with an occasional gust of wind that was unwelcome.


Setting off for the 13 mile Starlight walk - Anne is number 505

Setting off with Sue, Ruth and Jane, more seasoned travellers, myself Claire and Tim were soon left behind but a steady pace around Norwich ring road found us completing the challenge in 3hours 45 minutes. Claire and myself stiffened up after 10 miles but, with a half marathon expert, Tim supporting us and with more familiar roads in sight we soldiered on and even managed to sprint (okay more of a jog) the last 20 yards and under the finish line set up on the running track. it was great to arrive back as dawn approached (good timing and programming of the event!!)

It was then a proud moment to receive our completion certificates and enjoy a cup of tea before the drive home on a perfect early morning in June 2010, also the first day of my retirement after 20 years of teaching!!