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I have written a diary over the past 37 years. You can view entries by using  this link


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Since finding that the world is a large place and not just the British Isles, I have travelled extensively. On this area of my site you will be able to read my travelogues and view some of the photographs. Please be patient with this section as it is a massive undertaking to re-visit all the places.

To date I have visited the following countries - Australia, Canada, Bahamas, USA, Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, France, Romania, Russia, Estonia, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Holland, Belgium, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Japan, West Indies.


A four day trip to the capital of Spain - February 2003

First World War Battlefields

My two day trip to the First World War battlefields of the Somme and Ypres - September 2002


A three day trip to Manchester and Saddleworth in 2004