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 Somerset June 1986

Day One - June 14th, 1986

Our holidays never seem to start smoothly. Last night the car sprang a leak in its petrol tank and so before we set off we had to call on Roger Constable to patch it up. So instead of the early start it was 10 a.m before we got going on a bright and sunny day.

The journey was one of 265 miles through Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire, Devon and Somerset. We arrived at the farm at 5.30 p.m. The only stops were at a public house near Buckingham for dinner and in a lay-by for a drink when we had just 45 miles to go.


Manor Farm, Forton, Somerset

The farmhouse seems very comfortable and the boys soon settled in. We are staying at Manor Farm, Forton, near Chard, owned by Sue and John Adams.

Day 2 - June 15th

Had a look round the local area today. After breakfast we had a walk round the fields and the farm. Then drove to Chard and had a look round there before driving to Taunton.


A Taunton pub, Taunton Castle and in the Castle Grounds.

From Taunton we drove to Honiton and had lunch outside a pub in the main street. Last stop of the day was at Forde Abbey. Below are pages from our scrapbook of the Forde Abbey visit.


Day 3 - June 16th

An extremely hot day. So it was off to the seaside - destination Lyme Regis (pictured above) which turned out to be a very pleasant place. Stayed on the beach for four hours, getting thoroughly burned


Day 4 - June 17th


On the left at Cricket St Thomas and on the right at Crewtherne

It was considerably cooler today and so we went to Cricket St Thomas. A very pleasant place with lovely grounds, plenty of wildlife and the place where To the Manor Born was recorded.


Some of the boys favourites at Cricket St Thomas

We left Cricket in the afternoon and drove to Crewtherne. Had a quick look round and then on to Yeovil where we did some food shopping before our return to the farm. Two tired boys went to bed - tired Daddy watched the world cup on television and tired Mummy prepared for another day of sunshine tomorrow.

Day 5 - June 18th


Photographs of Sidmouth used in the scrapbook of our Somerset holiday.

Another very very warm day. So it was off to the seaside again. The boys were awake at 6 a.m - as early as usual. We set off after breakfast at 9 a.m.

Just through Axminster we got stuck behind a herd of cows. Our destination this time was Sidmouth. We parked just off the front and went to sit on the stony beach. We had lunch on the beach. Then had a walk round the town. While Matthew slept the rest of the family had afternoon tea.

We left Sidmouth mid afternoon and drove on to find a delightful seaside place at Beer. There we parked on the cliff top and spent a while on the beach and decided to return tomorrow. Drove to Seaton and had a quick look round there before driving back to the farm.

Day 6 - June 19th


Two photographs from the scrapbook of Beer

Back to Beer today for a day on the beach. But first stop was Axminster to have a look at their weekly market which turned out to be nothing spectacular. Once at Beer we sat on the beach for a while and then Daddy, Matthew and Christopher went on a long walk along the cliffs.

Back on the beach the boys made friends with some other children. Had dinner on the beach and stayed there until 4 p.m. At the end of the afternoon we heard about a railway model exhibition and decided to go along. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the models and the train ride. They also enjoyed the playground and we had to drag them away when it was time to leave.

Day 7 - June 20th

The last real day of the holiday before we return to Norfolk tomorrow. So we decided to return to Lyme Regis so the boys could play on the sand. Most of the beaches on this coast seem to be entirely stone. Arrived at the seaside early when it was quite cool. So we went for a coffee first.

After the morning on the beach we all walked into Town and had dinner at a restaurant. The boys had fish fingers yet again!

We then decided to finish off our holiday with a visit to Charmouth - another seaside place. Parked on the front and the boys went on the stony beach again. Daddy went with Christopher for a long walk on the cliffs which he enjoyed as long as Daddy told him stories most of the time. Back at the farm, we had tea and then the boys went to bed. There was time to take pictures of our hosts and pack ready for an early departure in the morning.

Day 8 - June 21st

250 miles back to Hethersett. Set off at 7 a.m so Matthew and Christopher could be home in time for a party. Just one stop on the way home. Arrived home at 2 p.m.... farewell Somerset.


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