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Genealogy - The Sandall Line

William Sandall - Born 1777. My great great great great grandfather. Married Sarah Nightingale. Had at least three children - John Nightingale Sandall (born 1799) who became my great great great grandfather, William Thomas Sandall (born 1797) and Edward Thomas Sandall (born 1803)

Sarah Nightingale - My great great great great grandmother. Married William Sandall. They had three children as above.

John Nightingale Sandall - Born 1799.My great great great grandfather. Married Elizabeth Ward. Had five children - Charles Ward Sandall (1822-1905), John William Sandall (1822-1899), James Sandall (born 1826), Elizabeth Sandall (born 1829) and Joseph Sandall (born 1833).

Elizabeth Ward - Born 1801.My great great great grandmother.

William Thomas Sandall - Eldest son of William Sandall and Sarah Nightingale. Married Elizabeth Andrew (1808-1870)

Elizabeth Andrew (1808-1870) wife of William Thomas Sandall.

Edward Thomas Sandall (born 1803) - Youngest child of William Sandall and Sarah Nightingale. Married Jane Forder.

Jane Forder - Wife of Edward Thomas Sandall. Born 1835. Have details of just one child - Edward Sandall (born 1867)

Charles Ward Sandall  (1822-1905) My great great grandfather.  Son of John Nightingale Sandall and Elizabeth Ward. Married Elizabeth Masterson. They had five children - 

Elizabeth Masterson

John William Sandall

Jane Quinton

James Sandall

Elizabeth Sandall

Joseph Sandall

Edward Sandall

Elizabeth Sandall

Alice Sandall

Charles Sandall

Selina Eliza Sandall

Henry Ward Sandall

Margaret Annie Edmonds

Elizabeth Sandall

John Quinton Sandall

Charles W Sandall

Elinor Sandall

Margaret A Sandall

John Simpson

Edward R Sandall

Edward Thomas Sandall

Laura Gladys Sandall

Ena Sandall

William Sandall

Alexander Sandall

Albert Sandall

Amy Sandall

Selina Maud Sandall

Frank Owen Dew

Ernest Sandall

Henry Sandall

John William Sandall

Selina Maud Sandall

Ethel Simpson

John Simpson

Roger E Sandall

Phyllis Margaret Dew

Arthur William Steward

Irene Olive Dew

Peter Owen Steward

Anne Burton

Christopher Owen Steward

Matthew David Steward

Lynne Phillips


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