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Music Index

The starting point for an index of all my musical sections.


Historic Album Reviews

I am gradually building up my reviews of historic albums from America to U2


The Music Years

Albums reviewed by years from 1963 until the present day.


The Gig List

A list of concerts and gigs I have attended over the years with reviews when I can remember what they were like.


Music Writing

My music writing - both published and unpublished.


Here and Now

Details of Eastern Evening News Here and Now columns I was involved in.


2009 Album Reviews

Major 2009 albums reviewed and rated.


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Free music - Best of 2009


Free music - Best of 2010

My favourite tracks from 2010 compiled as a playlist.






Music Index


Welcome to perhaps the most important part of my web site where hopefully my love of music will come over. Music excites, soothes, enriches and even defines thoughts and so it has been with me for more years than I can remember.

So welcome to my music index section where you can access album reviews from 1962 to the present day. Over the coming months I will be increasing this section of my site and reviewing albums that meet one or both of the following criteria.

1/ Albums that mean something special to me - these may not be mainstream and may cover a whole range of styles and categories.

2/ Important albums. I may not necessarily like the artist(s) but I will try to review dispassionately all the main output of major artists.

You will find a number of links on the left hand side of this page. Below are some of the other links, including links to special sections on some of my favourite artists. To see other artists not featured below amongst my true favourites just click on the Historic Album Reviews section.

My latest reviews - see reviews that have just been added.

My Top Tracks of All Time

My Top Albums of All Time

The Music Years - Reviews of albums by the year

Artist Index - A to Z List of artists reviewed.

Music Ratings - Album ratings out of 10

Top Albums for Each Year

Concert Reviews - Short reviews of as many of the concerts I have attended that I can remember.

Different Versions - Where I take some favourite songs and discuss the merits of various cover versions

Music Articles - Includes published and non-published articles on music

I POD Lists - Yes I finally got hip with an MP3 player, but not an IPOD. I bought a Creative Zen which is pretty much the same thing. To celebrate I have put together some themed playlists. Read about them here.

My Music Collection

American Places - American cities and staes mentioned in songs.

Favourite All Time Artists - Call it my hall of fame of favourite singers and songwriters

Other Special Musical Areas

British singer-songwriter John Howard has a cult following but has never broken through to gain the credit he deserves. John briefly came to prominence with the excellent album Kid in a Big World in 1975 but then seemed to sink without trace for many years. The good news is that John is back releasing albums and much of his originally shelved back catalogue is now back with us. I got in contact with John a couple of years ago and he was more than happy to undertake a number of interviews for this site. So to see what makes the man tick and to read about his career and music follow the links below.

A review of John Howard's work

Exclusive April 2009 interview

Exclusive follow-up interview from 2009

Exclusive 2011 interview