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Music Review Section

Music Index

The starting point for an index of all my musical sections.


Historic Album Reviews

I am gradually building up my reviews of historic albums from America to U2


The Music Years

Albums reviewed by years from 1963 until the present day.


The Gig List

A list of concerts and gigs I have attended over the years with reviews when I can remember what they were like.


Music Writing

My music writing - both published and unpublished.


Here and Now

Details of Eastern Evening News Here and Now columns I was involved in.


2009 Album Reviews

Major 2009 albums reviewed and rated.


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Free music - Best of 2009


Free music - Best of 2010

My favourite tracks from 2010 compiled as a playlist.






David Bowie

This section of my music site is dedicated to David Bowie. 

A poll by the New Musical Express magazine picked Bowie as the number one influence on rock artists of today and that's not bad for an old timer.

This site will slowly build into my reviews, articles and biographies of the man himself. Please return as it gets underway. These are just for starters.

Tracks and albums rated
Space Oddity album review
Aladdin Sane album review
Never Let Me Down album review
Tonight album review
Earthling album review
All the albums