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Photograph 1

 This photograph was probably taken in the late 1950s and certainly at Heathrow Airport on one of the family holidays to London.

It shows Phyllis Margaret Steward (nee Dew) (1921-1981) with son Peter Owen (b 1952).

Photograph 2

Taken slightly earlier than the above photograph, this shows Phyllis and Peter on holiday in London - this time in Trafalgar Square. It is probably dated around 1957 and we would have been staying either in a guest house in Clapham Common or with relatives in Tunbridge Wells..

Photograph 3

The photograph opposite is of Peter and was also taken in Trafalgar Square London, probably on the same day as photo 2. He well remembers staying on one London holiday with relatives in Tunbridge Wells and falling into the fountain and having to have new clothes bought and making the journey by train in a very bedraggled state.

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Norwich School Tennis Team 1966