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As a full time primary school teacher, mother and wife, there are few spare moments in my life. But I do enjoy gardening, swimming, playing badminton and reading (mostly rubbish according to Peter) although Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier which Peter gave me for Christmas, features in my current favourites.  Crime novels and popular drama by the likes of Claire Francis, Frederick Forsyth, Jeffrey Archer, Rosie Thomas and Rosamund Pilcher are other choices.

Born in Yorkshire, I am the youngest of a family of seven, I first came to Norwich to study at the University of East Anglia, in 1970. After a brief spell back in Yorkshire and then Cheshire after graduating, I returned to Norfolk or at least to the Norfolk/Suffolk borders on marrying in 1976.

But for a year in the Midlands, we've been here ever since and I think I just about qualify as a resident now! Yorkshire, however, remains "home" not the least because most of my family still reside there.

Church life here in Hethersett is another vital part of my life and I've found it particularly exciting working closely with other denominations and breaking down the barriers which can exist between us. Raising funds for NCH (Action for Children) and supporting self help groups in the third world through Traidcraft are my main concerns.


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