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Cover Versions


Taking a good look at music cover versions and comparing them with the originals. Click on the links.


Alone Again Or - Original by Love


The essence of this piece of superb pop is the fact it comes from the psychedelic era and without doubt the finest song written by Bryan MacLean for Love. Recorded way back in 1967 it's power comes in the way the bitter sweet lyrics are lined-up alongside the beauty of the rambling guitars and the beautiful brass section. The power of the song comes in its unique feel that has surpassed the years.


Love - This is the definitive version of the song proving that very often the original is the best. It's as simple as that. Beautiful wafting guitar work, rollicking good lyrics and a song that just fires the imagination -  *****   Best Version: Original Version


The Damned - Without trying to make a pun on words - this is a damned good stab at the original and is pretty faithful to the feel of MacLean's composition. Quite obviously recorded as a tribute to the influence of Love there are few liberties taken. And it's certainly not a song that needs liberties taken with it. - ****


Calexico - A very slow and misplaced atmospheric intro leads us into the song. The vocals just don't have the down to earth feel of the original. Sounds very much like a band who love a song, desperately want to record it but who have produced a slightly turgid number. The guitar section is just not there. although the brass wails in quite well - **


Sarah Brightman - Oh dear, oh dear - the screeching diva just doesn't cut the mustard. This song is far too good for her and she completely loses the feel of what it's about. The voice is too attacking, almost overriding the instrumental passages with the wonderful guitarwork getting lost in an almost instrumental mish mash that loses the intensity and the originality of the Love version. The brass section sounds as if it's been recorded on a synthesiser.  Not recommended - *


Gobblehoot - I know nothing abut this band which is probably the best thing. A slow ponderous guitar intro gives way to terrible vocals. It's so bad it has to be a joke - doesn't it? Nothing to commend this at all - *


Known Recordings to track down



Boo Radleys

Chris Perez Band

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs

Les Fradkin